Our Edibles

The edibles found at Trinidad Harvesting Company are some of the highest quality in the state. The man behind the edibles is not only an oil connoisseur, but a genius in the kitchen. One taste of his cheesecake, and you’ll be wishing you could eat the whole thing at once! We offer ranges of sizes, so that you can sample all of his craft. If cheesecake is not your favorite, we urge you to try one of the many candy bars, jolly drops, teas, savory sauces, and more! There is something for everyone to try so that you too can experience the edible high…

Cheesecake Favorites

Cheesecake Favorites

» New York
» Chocolate Mousse
» Strawberry Swirl
» Key Lime

Top Rated Candy

Top Rated Candy

» Jolly Drops
» Candy Bars
» Lozenges
» Lollipops

Top Rated Sweets

Top Rated Sweets

» Cookies
» Candy Bars
» Brownies
» Chocolate Cheesecake

What are Edibles?

Marijuana Edibles Are Food Items Made With Marijuana Or Infused With Marijuana Oils. Edibles May Be An Alternative To Smoking Or Vaporizing Marijuana. Edibles Come In Many Forms, E.g. Brownies, Cookies, Candies, Including Animal Or Fruit-Shaped Gummies, Suckers And Chocolates, And As Beverages.

Why do edible marijuana products seem stronger?

The amount of magnetohydrodynamic (THC), the main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, can vary in edible marijuana products. This makes it harder to control how much THC is consumed. The amount of THC in homemade marijuana edibles can vary even more. Many users can be caught off-guard by the stronger potency and long-lasting effects of edibles.

Will ingesting marijuana affect me differently than smoking it?

Yes. Unlike smoking marijuana, where the effects can be felt almost immediately, effects from edibles can take from 30 minutes to 2 hours to take effect, and may last longer than expected, depending on the dose, when your last meal was consumed, and/or any medications or alcohol used at the same time.

State laws require that total milligrams of THC and number of servings be included on packages. In Colorado, one serving constitutes up to 10 milligrams of THC.

  • New users or people with smaller frames might find 10 milligrams is too potent, and therefore might be better off starting with 5 milligrams
  • Keep in mind, a single chocolate bar can contain as much as 100 milligrams of THC

Rich and dense products such as brownies or chocolate also take longer to digest, which means it will take longer for you to feel high. On the other hand, infused drinks and tinctures begin to work much faster. Weight, metabolism, gender and eating habits also play a role in how fast you’ll feel the effect from edibles. It is recommended that edibles be taken with food and not on an empty stomach, or the effect will intensify.

THC Edibles
Safety Guidelines

Important Safety Guidelines

  •  Start with a single 10mg (of THC) serving or less
  • Don’t take more until you have waited at least 2 hours; edibles are slow-acting
  • Keep edibles far away from children and pets!

Consuming Too Much…

Consuming too much edibles is rarely a pleasant experience. In fact, eating less may give you a better buzz than eating too much. Because it may be hard to determine how much your body needs to medicate or get high, it’s best to wait at least one hour to assess the effect. Signs of an edibles overdose include paranoia, lack of coordination and hallucinations. If you feel like you’ve gone overboard on edibles, don’t panic. Remember, symptoms usually subside within a few hours. Stay calm, stay hydrated and eat plenty of food.