Welcome to Trinidad Harvesting Company

We are proudly located in Trinidad, Colorado and should be considered your one stop source, housing all your cannabis wants and needs under our 35000 square foot facility. No matter what you are in search of, whether it be your medical needs, recreational wants, or edible cravings, we have it covered. Our staff encourages you to relax in our lounge, shop in our store that features the best strains and newest products, and peruse the beautiful and tasty treats made fresh daily, by our in-house chef. This is an experience, come in and see for yourself… we at Trinidad Harvesting Company look forward to seeing you soon!

Trinidad Harvesting Company

The Who, Where, Why, Mission & Objective of the Company

A company is only as good as the people behind it. Trinidad Harvesting Company, from the owners to the operators, the chef to the budtenders, security to maintenance, all stand for the same common goal…to be the best representation of ourselves to our consumers, every day. We promise this, by producing impeccable product, at fair pricing, all while offering an overall enjoyment of the customer’s time while in our facility.

The state of the art, Nexus Greenhouse, is located in the city of Trinidad, and began construction in 2014 and was completed mid 2016. Our facility stretches 35000 square feet, and is equipped with the best technology to date. We opted for this type of growing environment to yield the best organic marijuana for our customers. The engineering of this building allows the plants the optimal amount of sunlight, darkness and moisture.

There are two phases of the greenhouse: There is a vegetative phase of the greenhouse where plants just simply grow. In this phase, plants think it is spring and summer. The vegetative room offers plants 18 hours of light and 6 hours of dark. Once the plants reach a desirable size, they are then moved to the flowering phase of the greenhouse. The flowering phase of the greenhouse has blackout curtains to maintain days that are 12 hours light and 12 hours dark. You can block out the extra light that cannabis doesn’t need when you want to trigger it to flower.

For example, during the Summer Solstice, the curtains will close when the sun rises and open a couple hours after. The curtains will close a couple hours before the sun sets to short the daylight to 12 hours. In six weeks the flowers ripen, and the flowering all depends on the marijuana strain. Some strains evolved in the mountains. In northern latitudes, like Morocco and KushValley, the Indicas evolved. There, the plants had to flower quickly to produce seeds before the frost. Other strains, like the perennial sativa strains, grew around the equator, and were known as longer flowering strains. They did not have a frost to deal with, so they kept growing, they’d flower over and over. Then, growth has stopped, and flowers are mature. At this point, it is time to harvest, dry and cure the marijuana!


The cultivation and protection of our plants is our number one priority, and with the use of the greenhouse, we are able to produce the best. Our mission is to provide the best plants, that produce the best strains, that yield the most useable oils. Everything is done in house and nothing is wasted, while all done organically. We are conveniently located 18 miles from the New Mexico border, and an hour South of Pueblo and Colorado Springs. Trinidad Harvesting Company plans on not only employing the people of Trinidad, but helping in the community as well. Together we can all work toward the forward progression of Trinidad, one harvest at a time.